Advisory board

Prof. Roi Cohen-Kadosh

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Roi Cohen-Kadosh lectures and conducts research in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Oxford, and is an internationally renowned key opinion leader in electrical brain stimulation.

Prof. Itai Berger

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Itai Berger heads the Pediatric Neurology unit and the Neuro-Cognitive Center at Assuta Hospital. Dr. Berger is a Key Opinion leader in the field of ADHD and has one of the largest ADHD clinics in Israel.

Ori Hadomi

Business & Strategy Advisor

Ori Hadomi is an experienced corporate development and financial leader, who as CEO of Mazor Robotics, led the company from concept to commercialization, global sales and marketing, and business development activity and acquisition. Ori Hadomi today is VP of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships at Medtronic.

Efi Cohen Arazi

Medical Device Technology and Business Advisor

Mr. Efi Cohen-Arazi is the founder and former CEO at Rainbow Medical and was VP of Corporate Manufacturing, Head of Contract Manufacturing, and Site Head at US-based Amgen Corporation. He has over 20 years of experience in the medical and biotech industries including executive management responsibilities for both development and business.

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