Upcoming Clinical Trials

If you live in the United States and your child has ADHD, they may be eligible to participate in active clinical trials. Click here for more information:

With promising results from studies already conducted, Innosphere is embarking on a pivotal multi-site clinical trial at top medical institutions including Mayo Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine, UT Health, and Boston Children’s Hospital. This trial will set the stage for FDA clearance and transform the landscape of ADHD treatment.

Strong Clinical Results

Our approach is validated by rigorous clinical trials, showing significant improvements in ADHD symptoms with lasting effects. In collaboration with the University of Oxford and Assuta Medical Center, Innosphere has achieved significant clinical results. Led by Prof. Itai Berger, Head of Pediatric Neurology Unit at Assuta Hospital, two clinical trials ran at Hadassah Medical Center on 43 children, ages 7-12, which showed significant improvement in ADHD symptoms:

  • 43% reduction in ADHD symptom severity
  • Substantial improvement in working memory and overall symptom alleviation
  • Achieved in only ten 20-minute treatment sessions
  • Symptom improvement maintained after treatment

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