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Clinical Solution

Personalized treatment

The brain-stimulation medical device developed by Innosphere provides personalized treatment for ADHD, by applying accurate electric stimulation signals to specific areas of the brain associated with the disorder.

Customized machine-learning based treatment sessions are uploaded to a head-cap from a proprietary digital health platform, and applied in ten treatment sessions of up to 20 minutes while using a cognitive training tool, over the course of a month.

This state-of-the-art AF-RNS™ technology transforms the lives of millions of children and their parents.



Clinical trials

Several clinical studies conducted at top medical centers by key opinion leaders in the field of ADHD, have already yielded significant results showing major improvement in multiple measures of ADHD. These preliminary clinical results have demonstrated that the AF-RNS™ provides a viable, long-term therapeutic solution for the disorder.

Hadassah Medical Center

A clinical trial run at Hadassah medical center on 40 boys ages 7-12, led by Prof. Itai Berger, Head of Pediatric Neurology Unit at Assuta Hospital, yielded positive preliminary results, showing significant improvement in the frequency of ADHD symptoms. There was substantial improvement in working memory, and overall symptom alleviation. The effects remained at similar levels when re-examined 10 weeks later.

Based on the improvement in working memory, this type of treatment could be potentially used for treating additional disorders that are associated with impaired executive functions, such as cognitive impairments.

Prilimanry results in this trial, on 20 participants, have shown significant reduction of over 50% of ADHD symptom severity after only 10 treatment session

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