Beyond Medication
Delivering Long-Term ADHD Relief Through Neurotechnology

The ADHD dilemma

In the U.S. alone 6.4 million children suffer from ADHD. Navigating through the complexities of ADHD involves choosing between challenging symptoms or enduring the daily management and ongoing side effects of traditional prescription ADHD medication.

Parents need more options.

Novostim -  A New Standard of Care

Traditional treatments address the symptoms of ADHD, not the underlying cause. Innosphere’s groundbreaking medication-free Novostim system goes beyond symptoms and trains the brain to put kids on a new developmental track. Novostim pairs proprietary neuro-stimulation technology with an engaging video game that only requires a few short treatment sessions to deliver lasting results—acting as a “gym for the neurons” to address the root cause of ADHD.

Clinically Backed

In clinical trials, the Novostim system reduced ADHD symptom severity by 43% after only ten 20-minute treatment sessions. Symptom improvements were maintained even weeks after the end of treatment. Explore Clinical Results


"Our approach indicates a strong potential to allow an alternative to current treatments, with a significant advantage of long-term effect." Prof. Roi Cohen Kadosh - University of Oxford

Developed by Parents, Designed With Kids In Mind

ADHD can be a superpower, and kids should feel that way. Novostim was developed to make kids feel excited for their treatment and to make ADHD management feel less clinical.


The device was designed to mimic the look and feel of a video game controller. Paired with an engaging video game, the system makes kids feel like they are getting power-ups for their brain to keep “leveling up. Learn More

Invest with Innosphere

Backed by a robust portfolio of patents and in pursuit of FDA clearance, Novostim represents a new standard in ADHD care. Get in touch and learn how you can invest with Innosphere to revolutionize ADHD treatment. Invest with Innosphere

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