Research device

Step into new frontiers of neuroscience research

NovoStim state-of-the-art brain-stimulation device enables innovative scientific brain research on multiple regions of the brain simultaneously. This easy-to-use system integrates proprietary electrodes that provide unparalleled accuracy and convenience.

NovoStim is sold to top research institutes and universities and to key opinion leaders in neuro-science conducting clinical trials on ADHD treatment.



  • Easy use by researchers
    Straightforward plug & play system that’s easy to operate, requiring no preparation of subject’s head or skin. The device can be pre-configured per researcher's specifications to enable seamless studies.
  • Comfortable for participants
    No discomfort, tingling or itching sensation experienced by participants. 
  • Real-time support
    Receive 24/7 live support from our professional experienced team, and gain a unique opportunity to enter into a new field of research.




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